USA Women’s Soccer

What better way to start off this section of my site than some badass bitches demanding what they deserve? For those of you who are out of the loop,  five of the biggest stars on the USA Women’s Soccer team filed a federal complaint against the US Soccer Federation for paying them less than their male counterparts. 

And guess what? This complaint is FINALLY being taken seriously. I mean, come on. They just won the fucking WORLD CUP. Oh yeah, they’re also Olympic champions? Casual. The men’s team has never made it past the World Cup quarterfinals. At least they tried! Let’s throw more money at them to see if they play better.

I was a three sport athlete growing up, and I can’t tell you how hilarious it was to hear guys constantly tell me how “pointless” women’s sports were. It was consistent to the point that all of us had no choice but to laugh along with the boys as they insulted our talent. We were the punchline of jokes, our accomplishments were undermined by the fact that we have vaginas. We were compared directly to men and because we physically could not match their stats, we were inadequate.

Cheers to the Women’s Soccer team for doing what all of us have always wanted to do: Stand up for ourselves. They have the stats to back it up, as well as overwhelming public support. Wage discrimination is illegal, but we’ve turned a blind eye to professional sports for as long as women have been ALLOWED to play.

USA Women’s Soccer started a conversation that can’t be ignored. They’ve opened the door for professional basketball and tennis players to demand the same (don’t get me started on that.) They’ve paved a path where female athletes will be taken more seriously than they ever have before.

Ladies of USA Women’s Soccer, you’re fearless as fuck. Thank you for being brave and making me proud to be a human with a vagina.

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