Becky With the Good Hair

I really wanted to avoid writing about Beyonce because I think if I say anything remotely negative about her I’ll wake up dead.  At the hands of the people who call her “Queen Bey” in complete seriousness. Aka the Bey Hive. Imma get stung by da Bey Hive.

Honestly, I haven’t bothered to watch/listen to Lemonade. I assume it isn’t about lemonade, in which case I’m already annoyed by it. I’m sure the songs will creep their way onto the radio eventually and I’ll enjoy them enough to not change the station, but for the most part I haven’t been as big of a Beyonce fan with all of her new shit. She feels like a PR machine to me. I miss the good ol days of “GIRLS, WE RUN DIS MOTHA FUCKA!”

The most annoying thing to me about this album is her song about infidelity. Not only did she call out her current husband for cheating, presumably to get some buzz about the album just like the divorce rumors that prefaced her VMA performance a few years back… But she also HAD to bring down another woman.

Becky with the good hair? That could literally be ANYONE… I could be Becky with the good hair if my name was Becky. I actually know a few people named Becky who have GREAT hair, it could be any of them!!! But of course, because of how Beyonce works, everyone somehow knew immediately that it was Rachel Roy, some fashion designer I didn’t even know existed until my News Feed was flooded with bullshit about her being Becky With the Good Hair. I will agree, she does have great hair.


Beyonce, if you’re finally calling yourself a feminist why the FUCK would you do this to another person? Not only did Rachel Roy get death threats on her Instagram, so did Rachel RAY… Hahahahahahah I just found that part funny. Like Rachel Ray was the person Jay-Z cheated with.

But seriously, people have targeted Rachel Roy and her family with death threats. Beyonce had to have known what she was doing when she released the song. She knew the reference was thinly veiled and would absolutely be intensely speculated upon. For someone who claims to empower women, this is a huge step in the wrong direction.

Beyonce relies on controversy and gossip for literally every single thing she does. She doesn’t let her talent speak for itself, like others of her caliber (Adele.) She is an extremely talented individual but she operates on the same wavelength as Taylor Swift, which makes me lose respect for her.

I hope I don’t wake up dead.


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