Get Up and Go

You know what makes the best stories? Great experiences, you can’t have great experiences if you’re sitting on the internet complaining all the time about how much cooler everyone’s life is than yours.

Jonathan Kyle Kaker, you are the most beautiful soul I’ve ever touched. When I met you I was an insecure, self-hating, and toxic version of myself. You’ve unlocked potential within me that I didn’t know existed. The joy you bring me allows me to spread joy to others, it also gives me the courage to cut out the toxic people in my life.

Wearing this ring feels like a brand new start, to a life with my best friend and my alpha dog. I would follow you into battle blindfolded without a second thought, I’ll hit men twice my size square in the chest to defend you, I’ll probably even start cooking for you at this rate.

I’ve never met anyone more resilient than you. With everything life has thrown at you, your spirit is bright and unbreakable. You are motivated by challenges and unswayed by defeat. Your passion combined with my passion can at times be overwhelming, but it makes us great at what we do. The intensity I feel playing football with you is unlike any emotion I’ve ever experienced. Learning football from you has completely transformed the voice in my head from a constant doubter to a silent motivator.

You give me hope for humanity. You make me want to fight for what I believe in. You make me fearless, you complete me. I can’t wait to spend forever with you.


Photos by Jim Claytor (friend, mentor, father figure)