Individualism is Over

Wow, for someone who spent most of their life in constant panic and cynicism… This is at least mildly validating? But at the same time, this is beyond what I ever fathomed for a world disaster. 

Suddenly our poor leadership is thrust into the spotlight and all of our “experts” are being exposed as frauds. The people who are supposed to be public servants are stealing from us. Our president is a blatant asshole with no regard for human life outside of the top 1%. 

He is the president we all deserve. We’ve spent the last decade obsessing over our images and forgetting that we actually have to develop as human beings. The selfie culture has driven us all to find a place where our current flawed self fits into the greater narrative. We dig our heads in the sand and focus on projecting an image of perfection rather than actually tackling our personal challenges. 

Trump is our culture personified: a white man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, unable and unwilling to listen to the needs of others. He is the American dream, he is the culmination of obscene wealth and power. He is what each and every one of us, to some degree, aspire to. 

What? You think you’re different? You think you are special? No. You are just as obsessed with accumulating wealth and social status as the next person. 

I know this because we’re all the same. We’re all animals. As much as we spent our elementary years cutting out snowflakes and winning essay contests, we are not special. Our obsession with differentiation and proving our uniqueness is the exact reason why everyone is so afraid of running out of toilet paper. 

We don’t trust each other because we are all self centered pieces of shit. Our individualist culture has rendered us unable to cooperate and work together for a greater common good. It’s hard for people to even identify a greater common good until now, because we’re talking about survival. 

If you all want to survive, get the fuck over yourselves. Your life is going to change, you are not going to be babied anymore. Your ability to navigate this time will define the rest of your life. 

So what does that look like? I think it means we all need to put our guards down a little and be unafraid to trust and accept one another. I know I have so much room to grow and I’m excited to learn from other people. 

We have time now to connect on a deeper level. Let’s have difficult conversations, let’s disagree and debate. Let’s speak our truth with the understanding that at the end of this we are so much stronger together than alone. 

I’m ready to have brutally honest conversations and I’m ready to do my part in getting through this. Whoever the fuck you are, if you read this far, I’m here for you. I don’t care if we’ve had our differences in the past. I’m here to apologize for my part in our misunderstandings, I’m here to move forward together.

Here for you

(Here’s a meme to describe my life in quarantine)